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Mulcair reaches out to NDP’s environmental wing

NDP MP and leadership candidate Thomas Mulcair has staked his leadership bid on the support of the NDP’s remaining environmentalists by pegging ‘sustainable development’ as the cornerstone of his campaign. It’s a policy decision he hopes will clinch him the leadership of the federal New Democrats. Mulcair is betting he can find a way to … Continue reading

Laureen Harper’s Big Opportunity

Even though it has been Ottawa’s worst kept secret for years, the rumour (which in all likelihood has some truth to it) that Laureen Harper has moved out of 24 Sussex Drive and into the Chateau Laurier has been making the rounds yet again. The rumour also suggests not only that the Prime Minister’s wife … Continue reading

Quebec to sue Ottawa over access to gun registry data

After tabling legislation in late October that would abolish the long gun registry, Prime Minister Stephen Harper let the other shoe drop: that in addition to the registry ceasing to exist as a tool to pry into your private life or help police officials stop violent crime (depending on your outlook), all data collected since … Continue reading

Fighting the deficit by defunding the Catholic school system

The question of funding for Catholic education in Ontario is similar to the question of reforming the first-past-the-post system we employ for electing members of parliament – any rudimentary thinking on the issue would show it to be egregiously undemocratic and discriminatory, yet politicians are consistently able to hide behind a perceived public distaste for … Continue reading

Federal Court rules Agriculture Minister violated the Wheat Board charter

Judge Douglas R. Campbell has ruled that Agriculture Minister Gary Ritz violated the Canada Wheat Board charter and the law with regards to making fundamental changes to the structure of the organization and “must be held accountable.” “Had a meaningful consultative process been engaged to find a solution which meets the concerns of the majority, … Continue reading

Harper stands by MacKay amid calls for his resignation

Some things have become clear in the past week with regards to the helicopter flight Defence Minister Peter MacKay took in July 2010. MacKay was on a fishing vacation in Newfoundland outside of Gander and one morning he found out he was needed in Ontario by noon to assist with a government announcement. Rather than … Continue reading

Globe columnist John Ibbitson talks politics and how the West has won

A standing room only crowd assembled last night at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto to hear Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson speak on the current state of Canadian political affairs. Ibbitson’s talk, it would seem, was convened to inform the assembled crowd of Toronto elite just how the consensus they historically had helped form … Continue reading

UPDATED: Ontario’s Auditor General slams McGuinty for ‘hasty’ green energy investments

Ontario’s Auditor General, Jim McCarter, released his Annual Report to the legislature earlier this morning, and the 460-page document has some troubling findings about the hasty way in which Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty approved green energy investments in his second term. “While this helped these projects get off the ground quickly, their high cost will … Continue reading

Environment Minister Peter Kent tells Durban that Canada will not renew Kyoto

According to CJOB in Manitoba, Canada’s Environment Minister Peter Kent has informed delegates at the Durban climate talks in South Africa that Canada will not renew its commitment to the Kyoto Protocol that would run from 2013 to 2017. The Tories have long argued that adhearing to the Kyoto Protocol would have lasting impacts on … Continue reading

NDP leadership debate showcases the (many) party hopefuls

The first NDP leadership debate was this afternoon, and it would appear from the coverage that the only victor was expediency and those who speak in sound bites. Nine candidate took the stage (Brian Topp, Thomas Mulcair, Paul Dewar, Nathan Cullen, Toronto MP Peggy Nash, Quebec MP Roméo Saganash, Nova Scotia MP Robert Chisholm, Manitoba … Continue reading

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