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Accommodating Habs a higher priority than the Green Party

Habs. Cheering. For May.

If I hadn’t seen Andrew Coyne tweeting about this this morning, I would not have believed it. And then when you start to think about it, you realize that there is nothing more bush-league or pathetic about Canadian politics than this: our willingness to entertain the rescheduling of the Leader’s Debate to accommodate Habs fans and American sports consumers alike. Coyne called us colonial – he could have called us much worse.

As reported in the Montreal Gazette, Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe wants the National French language Leader’s Debate rescheduled so as not to interfere with Game 1 of the Boston-Montreal NHL Playoffs. He fears that that holding both events on the same night would split the French viewership.

Jack Layton also chimed in, claiming that were he not participating in the debate he might join those thousands of viewers tuning in to the Hockey game as opposed to the Debate. But here is where this farce gets galling, so insulting as it is to the integrity of the Green Party of Canada. As written in the Gazette, Layton claimed the following:

Layton said it’s incumbent on the networks to consider revising the debate schedule as he would like to “maximize” the number of people who tune [in] as the debates are an important part of the democratic process.

That Layton does not see the insulting irony of not ‘maximizing’ the number of people who watch the debates by including Elizabeth May is unreal. If the debates are such an important part of the democratic process according to Layton, why is he not standing up for the leader of a federal party that received a million votes but receives no seat at the table? Not a hint of irony – no note of hypocrisy from Layton, or from Duceppe.

The most shameful, conscious omission from the leader of a left-wing party party so far in this campaign. This would still be be embarrassing if the issue were just rescheduling a democratic debate for a Hockey game, but this adds insult to injury to the hundreds of thousands of Green voters in this country. Unbelievable that we’re even considering this, let alone that it has been suggested.

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