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Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round-Up: April 17-April 23

Canoeing on Minaki Lake

Here are some stories I was following this week. I probably wanted to write about them, but didn’t have the time.

Monday, April 18 | CBC.caMPs embarrassed by party theatrics: study

“Former parliamentarians are issuing a warning to those campaigning for a seat in the House of Commons that most of their work goes unnoticed and that the great political frustrations are often internal party matters.”

Tuesday, April 19 | Toronto StarHarper’s future uncertain with Tory minority

“Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s relentless play for a solid majority government, one that would provide him—if not the country—with four years of stability, now puts his own future in doubt.”

Tuesday, April 19 | Globe & MailElizabeth May should have been heard

“With the leaders debates now over, one result is clear: Elizabeth May, as leader of the Green Party, should have been a debater. Why? Not just to include a woman among all the men, although, as a former human-rights commissioner, I find that an acceptable reason. It’s just not the only reason, because there are at least three others that made her exclusion a national injustice.”

Thursday, April 21 | The Hill TimesJack finds his groove, NDP in reach of official opposition, says new Forum Research poll

“A campaign that has until now been on “auto-pilot” is suddenly turning into an electrifying run to the finish with a change so dramatic for the NDP that it could be in reach of becoming the official opposition, a Forum Research poll done in collaboration with The Hill Times suggests.

Friday, April 22 | Montreal GazetteQuebec vote still an enigma

“The riddle is intact. As Quebecers apparently shift their affections from one party that has no power in Ottawa – the Bloc Québécois – to another party with little hope of governing – the New Democratic Party – the mystery of why Quebec votes federally to stay on the margins of power deepens.”

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