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Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round-Up: May 1 – May 7

Diefenbaker on the Hustings - Courtesy of University of Saskatchewan

Sunday, May 1 | CBC.caU.S. cables dissect Canada’s leaders: WikiLeaks

“The whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has released sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables that reveal their behind-the-scenes take on Canada’s party leaders — on the eve of the federal election.”

Monday, May 2 | Vancouver SunConservative minority might not last long under threat of coalition

“Canadians can be forgiven for feeling a sense of deja vu if the Conservatives are re-elected with a minority Monday. But in many ways, that next minority Parliament could be headed into uncharted territory.”

Tuesday, May 3 | Montreal GazetteConservatives, NDP look to fill centrist void left by Liberals

“There’s no question Monday’s election has shaken up federal politics, but it’s not clear yet if it marks a tectonic shift in power that leaves the political landscape more polarized, experts say.”

Wednesday, May 4 | Vancouver Sun‘Minority fatigue’ and economy influenced Canadian voters

“Canadian voters gave a “limited mandate” to the two leaders who came out on top in Monday’s federal election, and both of them would be advised not to exceed those boundaries, postelection polling suggests.”

Thursday, May 5 | Globe & Mail – Michael Ignatieff jumps to University of Toronto

“Michael Ignatieff has been given a cozy office with a fireplace in the University of Toronto’s acclaimed Massey College and will take up teaching duties in the law faculty, political-science department, Munk School of Global Affairs and the School of Public Policy and Governance.”

Friday, May 6 | Montreal GazetteReining in the rookies: How will NDP deal with so many newbies?

“With a full slate of rookie candidates and a brand new status as official Opposition, the NDP’s freewheeling days as Canada’s most accessible and open party may be numbered.”

Saturday, May 7 | Vancouver Sun – Liberals have a long road back

“Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff did the right thing and resigned. Unfortunately, politics and the leader of the Opposition did not make a good fit. Ignatieff never seemed comfortable in a politician’s skin. He looked as though he would have preferred to be lecturing at Harvard rather than flipping campaign flapjacks in Moose Jaw.”

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