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George Monbiot on Environmentalism and correcting Wente’s ignorance

Environmentalist George Monbiot

In response to Margaret Wente’s article on Elizabeth May and the Green Party’s decline in the Globe and Mail, in which Wente liberally draws upon a series of article written by George Monbiot for the Guardian, Monbiot has written the Globe and Mail a response in which he repudiates almost everything that Wente asserted.

You can read up on Wente’s article here: I wrote about this yesterday soon after the article came out. You can also find the original articles from Monbiot in the Guardian here.

In his rebuttal letter, Monbiot rejects Wente’s labeling him as “May’s biggest critic,” among a number of other mischaracterizations that Wente wrongfully attributes to Monbiot’s work.

Here is the full text of his rebuttal:

Dear Sir,

Margaret Wente’s column, in which she claims to summarize and support two articles of mine, contains a number of outrageous misrepresentations and distortions. She suggests I said that environmentalists “don’t understand the science and they don’t understand the economics.” I’ve said nothing of the kind.

She also claims that I am Elizabeth May’s “biggest critic.” If so, May has little to worry about. I am a great admirer of hers, and I’m delighted that she is now a member of parliament. I am sure that, like Caroline Lucas, the sole Green MP in the UK, she will do an excellent job of holding the government to account, and will enrich the political life of the nation. Her “biggest critic” has never said a word against her.

Elizabeth and I could, if we tried, doubtless find issues on which we disagree, but that, I believe, is something to celebrate. Environmentalism is perhaps the most politically diverse movement in history, accommodating a wide range of views and perspectives, while drawing people together through a shared concern for the planet, its people, its places and its living creatures. The fact that we are able to hold a wide range of views without excoriating each other suggests that the green movement is a haven of free and independent thought, all too rare in the current political climate of micro-management and control freakery.

My articles sought to lay out the difficulties and dilemmas we environmentalists face, and to contribute to an open, public discussion of the kind that few other movements are prepared to contemplate. It is hard to understand how they could have been so radically misconstrued.

Yours Sincerely,

George Monbiot

There is nothing I love more than smart people calling Margaret Wente out on her bullshit.

You just made my day, Mr. Monbiot.

Thank you.

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