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I take it all back: SunTV is amazing!

Sun TV - Hard News, Straight Talk

I’ve become addicted to SunTV over the past few days, and I have to tell you why: holy smokes, I have never seen anything so brilliantly funny in my entire life. It’s priceless, in the most ridiculous way. And for those who dared to call if Fox News North, that was an insult to Fox News: at best, this is Fox News lite, but with a diminished, Canadian tinge to it.

Case in point. My new favourtite show, The Byline with Bryan Lilley. SunTV describes the show in the following, hilarious words. No joke.

The Byline showcases irreverent journalist Brian Lilley as a cultural warrior, a connected journalist who is on the side of Canadians who value their individual freedoms and responsibilities over intrusive government. Enough already! “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”? Give us a break! Think the debates over abortion and same-sex marriage have peaked? Think again. Tune in for insight, opinion and long-overdue discussion of topics that matter to average Canadians.

Like holy shit, right? That’s too good! And I didn’t even have to embellish or anything – SunTV is just that amazing all on their own! I think I must have misjudges them. I’m even kinda sad that I signed an Avaaz petition to keep them from existing. If this is all I was worried about, I would have saved myself the two minutes it took to sign the online petition and spent it eating corn chips or something else of greater value. Because if this what I was afraid of, then relax, left-wingers. We are just fine.

All Canadian. All Patriot. 100% Crackpot. SunTV's Brian Lilley.

But sure, you’re saying – Brian Lilley looks good on paper. But how does he fair on-air in the do-or-die, rough-and-tumble word of live-to-air ‘broadcasting’?

Look no further than a hard-hitting interview Lilley conducted with none other than Don Cherry, because who better to talk about Canadian politics than the grunting sperm that is Don Cherry?

It gets off to a good start when in the introduction, Lilley refers to a study conducted by “pointy-headed Academics” writing in the “Toronto Red Star” – so clever – about the harmful political impact that Don Cherry is having in Canada. After announcing his thought that Cherry is a true Canadian patriot, he welcomes Don on the phone and the magic begins.

Highlights include Cherry stating that Canada was at its best in the 1950’s until the left-wing pinko’s destroyed the country; multiculturalism is expensive, nonsensical baloney; and that Academics never work a day in their life.

Amazing. Please – take five minutes to enjoy the magic that is The Byline and SunTV. This will be the best thing a right-wing urinal cake will do for you today. I guarantee.

Click here to watch the full Don Cherry interview with Brian Lilley on The Byline.

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One thought on “I take it all back: SunTV is amazing!

  1. I’m sorry. i tried to listen to the on air interview with Don (spot the brain cell) Cherry but too many years of “Coaches’ Corner” has left me unable to take more than 20 seconds of the guy. Maybe that’s where all my headaches come from. I’ve been concussed by 20 years of Don Cherry. Who’s got an Advil? Anyone?

    Posted by JReeves | May 23, 2011, 8:09 pm

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