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Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round-Up: May 15-May 21

Grandstand Crowds at Expo '67

Sunday, May 15 | Toronto StarMcGuinty says Hudak’s promise to scrap green energy is reckless

“Premier Dalton McGuinty is accusing Tim Hudak of risking Ontario’s international reputation and thousands of jobs with his “reckless” plan to scrap lucrative green energy plans.”

Monday, May 16 | Globe and MailOpposition leaders on the move ahead of Parliament’s return

“Michael Ignatieff is long gone. He and his wife Zsuzsanna Zsohar are already moved out of Stornoway, the Rockcliffe Park mansion that serves as the official residence of the opposition leader.”

Tuesday, May 17 | Ottawa CitizenDenmark to lay claim to North Pole, leaked documents suggest

“The race to lay claim to the North Pole — in which Canada has a stake — has heated up with reports suggesting that Denmark will hoist a symbolic flag over the top of the world next month.”

Wednesday, May 18 | Globe and MailThe left has the dreams. Harper has the cards

“There are many reasons – until you look at certain realities – for the blossoming of hope among Canada’s political left.”

Thursday, May 19 | Globe and MailStephen Harper could relax now, but will he?

“Having just won a solid majority government, will Prime Minister Stephen Harper change his style? Will he ease up on his desire to control so much, to be so stingy with information, to be so relentlessly partisan?”

Friday, May 20 | Victoria Times ColonistRae says he won’t run for Liberal party leadership

“Bob Rae has decided not to run to become the Liberal party’s new permanent leader, but he would take the job for the time being.”

Saturday, May 21 | Montreal GazetteNeophyte MPs storm the Hill

“A brand new crop of MPs arrived on Parliament Hill Thursday for a customary orientation session aimed at bringing them up to speed on the nuts and bolts of the job.”

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