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Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round-Up: May 29 – June 4

James Gladstone, Canada's First Aboriginal Senator (1953)

Sunday, May 29 | The Hill TimesFull Cabinet hardly meets, P&P is Harper’s real Cabinet

“He may not have received a coveted new ministry but Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is now at the helm of the second most powerful decision-making body of Cabinet, the Operations Committee. It’s one of only two executive committees of Cabinet. The other, Priorities and Planning, is chaired by the Prime Minister and is the most powerful.”

Monday, May 30 | CBC.caLayton visits Quebec flood zone

“NDP Leader Jack Layton toured the flood-stricken Richelieu Valley Monday morning, where residents are reeling after another weekend of heavy rain that boosted water levels again.”

Tuesday, May 31 Globe and MailSome day, the opposition will thank Mr. Harper

“Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s budget is about to cancel the quarterly allowances for political parties. While critics accuse the Conservatives of wanting to bankrupt their opponents, the real-world effects are more subtle and long-term.”

Wednesday, June 1 | Toronto Star – WikiLeaks reveals Liberal tension between Ignatieff, Rae

“Leadership tension within the federal Liberal party has been on Washington’s radar for the past few years, according to a new batch of U.S. embassy cables released by WikiLeaks.”

Thursday, June 2 | Globe and MailOn the Senate, premiers need to be less provincial

“The disingenuous obstreperousness of the premiers of Canada’s two largest provinces in the face of Senate reform is confusing. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is fighting on absolute principle. The Senate should be abolished, he says, because it is ‘unaccountable,’ and because abolishing it would be the ‘simplest thing.'”

Friday, June 3 | The Hill TimesConservative backbenchers warned not to dredge up controversial bills or issues in majority government

“Government backbenchers have been warned to avoid dredging up “pet projects” in Private Members’ bills or motions that could stir controversy and disrupt the steady course Prime Minister Stephen Harper is planning for his four-year majority term.”

Saturday, June 4 | Globe and MailTories pledge to tighten their belts and play nice in Throne Speech

“Armed with the first Conservative majority in 17 years, Stephen Harper’s government spelled out an ambitious agenda in a Throne Speech that promised to balance Ottawa’s books by 2014, clear growing obstacles to trade with the U.S. and continue generous increases in health-care funding.”

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One thought on “Weekly Round-Up: May 29 – June 4

  1. And now, Allistair Cooke, attacked by a duck. ” I can never visit quack Philadelphia quack without being quack quack reminded of quack the story of the Texan” quack quack quack.

    Posted by JReeves | June 4, 2011, 7:27 pm

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