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Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round-Up: June 12 to June 18

Renowned Canadian Geographer/Explorer David Thompson - in stamp form.

Sunday, June 12 | National Post – First Nations ‘seeking clarity’ in a new name

“Only a couple weeks into the Harper majority government, Aboriginal relations already seem off to a rocky start. On May 18, the Canadian government made the announcement that the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs will be changing its name to Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development.”

Monday, June 13 | Macleans.caThe making of Jack Layton

“The Hudson Yacht Club, founded in 1909, doesn’t look like a promising spot for a young left-winger to get his first real taste of rebellion. The sailboats bob at their moorings near a sandy beach on the shore of Lake of Two Mountains, formed by the widening of the Ottawa River before it empties into the St. Lawrence just west of Montreal.”

Tuesday, June 14 | The Hill TimesA week after AG says MPs should better scrutinize government spending, feds and opposition parties rubber-stamp $250.8-billion

“The government and the opposition parties are facing criticism for a snap unanimous motion they passed on June 3 that means $250.8-billion in government spending estimates for the next year will not be scrutinized as Parliamentary rules normally require by the 24 House committees.”

Wednesday, June 15 | National PostGlobal warming? Try global cooling.

“…Meanwhile, a period known as the Maunder Minimum (from roughly 1650 to 1720) corresponds to the coldest period of the Little Ice Age that occurred between the early 14th Century and about 1850. In other words, the sun is the biggest driver of climate change on Earth, not idling SUVs or oilsands mining.”

Thursday, June 16 | Saskatoon Star PhoenixNDP aims to stash its socialism in the closet

“New Democrats don’t like to be called socialists. They roll their eyes and sigh theatrically, but they can’t deny it. Their own constitution describes them as such. It’s right there in black and white and pinko.”

Friday, June 17 | Globe and MailTailor trade deals to fit a new kind of manufacturer

“Now that the Conservative government of Stephen Harper has promised to move forward with its “strong and ambitious Free Trade Agreement agenda,” it is time to reflect on how this agenda will interact with the changing nature of manufacturing in Canada.”

Saturday, June 18 | Toronto StarJohn Baird planning trip to Libya to visit rebels

“Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says he’s planning a trip to eastern Libya so he can see first-hand how the country’s rebels are doing. Baird says he will go to Benghazi, the base for the National Transitional Council. Baird said he hasn’t got a firm date in mind, but that he would like to make the journey soon.”

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