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NDP MP Peter Julian defends Canadian football with Bill C-360

I came across this odd nugget of parliamentary protectionism courtesy of iPolitics.ca – Peter Julian, four-time elected NDP MP for Burnaby-New Westminster, has introduced “An act to support Canadian professional football,” a.k.a. Bill C-360, a.k.a. the Canadian Football Act. The bill acknowledges that Canadian football, as played by the Canadian Football League, is an “important … Continue reading

ON Premier Dalton McGuinty rumoured for federal Liberal leadership

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty may be publicly dismissing any interest he may have in running for the federal Liberal top job, but sources close to the Premier told Globe and Mail columnist Lawrence Martin last week that McGuinty has not ruled out the possibility of moving into federal politics once his third term as Ontario’s … Continue reading

Is Bob Rae the Liberals next Keith Davey?

Peter C. Newman’s latest book When the Gods Changed: The Death of Liberal Canada was supposed to be the book that chronicled Michael Ignatieff’s rise to political power in Canada. Plucked from the wilderness – question mark – of Harvard in Boston, Mass., Ignatieff was brought north of the border by the men who fancied … Continue reading

Ontario should brace for cuts ahead of March 2012 budget

Matt Gurney in the National Post lays it on a little thick when he calls the Ontario Liberals – and Premier Dalton McGuinty and Finance Minister Dwight Duncan in particular – “financially illiterate” for their recent announcement that the province will bring in roughly $1B less than anticipated. Projected growth is just that – projected: … Continue reading

Occupy protests must find a way to politicize while dodging rubber bullets

A second wave of evictions and police violence is being unleashed upon Occupy protesters across North America, and the resiliency of the movement will be determined in the coming days as protesters must find a way to work around court injunctions and police actions to stay put and politicize, or close up shop. In Canada, … Continue reading

Don Drummond predicts health care will consume Ontario budget by 2030

Therapy or Surgery? A Prescription for Canada‚Äôs Health System examines the state of health care provision in Canada, and offers a staunch defence of the public model. And while the report does indicate that many facets of the current system should remain universal (prescription medication for the elderly, hospital care, etc.) as opposed to moving … Continue reading

Mowat Centre report finds current EI system riddled with “systemic inequities”

Making It Work, the latest report from the Mowat Centre at the University of Toronto, has taken aim at Canada’s system of Employment Insurance (EI), one of the cornerstone’s of Canada’s welfare state system. Riddled with “systemic inequities” and “regional political considerations,” the EI system as we currently understand it is not so much broken, … Continue reading

Biggest concern with Rick Perry’s debate gaffe? Not his poor memory…

It seems that the biggest take away from the GOP presidential candidate debate last week was that the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, forgot which third government agency he wanted to cut once in office. What is especially troubling, and likely the most emblematic of what is wrong with the politics of the Right in … Continue reading

Canada rejigs how 254,000 immigrants are selected annually

A new type of immigrant is quickly taking advantage of the Canadian immigration system, and Canada’s Immigration Minister Jason Kenney wants to make it even easier for them to settle permanently in Canada. The Canadian Experience Class program is granting fast track access to immigrants who have already spent time in Canada, are familiar with … Continue reading

Tension mounting between CBC and Quebecor

Tension is mounting between Canada’s public broadcaster and Quebecor Inc. over access to information requests made to the CBC, and what Quebecor Inc. President and CEO Pierre Karl Peladeau is calling a “smokescreen” around how the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation spends its tax-payer funded budget of $1.1B. Peladeau and others have been calling for the CBC … Continue reading

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