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Globe columnist John Ibbitson talks politics and how the West has won

A standing room only crowd assembled last night at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto to hear Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson speak on the current state of Canadian political affairs. Ibbitson’s talk, it would seem, was convened to inform the assembled crowd of Toronto elite just how the consensus they historically had helped form … Continue reading

Is Bob Rae the Liberals next Keith Davey?

Peter C. Newman’s latest book When the Gods Changed: The Death of Liberal Canada was supposed to be the book that chronicled Michael Ignatieff’s rise to political power in Canada. Plucked from the wilderness – question mark – of Harvard in Boston, Mass., Ignatieff was brought north of the border by the men who fancied … Continue reading

Are the NDP too dependent on Jack Layton?

I’ll be brief this time, because I know every pundit and their brother will be covering this story and making this speculation. But it’s worth asking – are the NDP too dependent on Jack Layton for their success? True, this success has been incredibly recent, and it is an exception in Canadian politics that the … Continue reading

Out on a Limb: In Defence of the (Political) Moral High Ground

This may be terribly naive of me (and I’m not ruling out that possibility, to be fair), but I am going to go out on a limb and make the following two statements: 1) the (political) moral high-ground is (often) worth defending; and 2) two wrongs do not make a right. I know, I know. … Continue reading

RCMP finally investigates Muskoka’s G8 ‘Legacy Infrastructure’

Uh oh – time for Tony Clement to get all huffy and defiant again because dammit, we just wont go away with the questions about how $50M was distributed throughout Muskoka! Circle the wagons, ’cause the RCMP are coming, Tony! First off, it’s about damn time someone looked into this! Chances are when something looks … Continue reading

And we thought the Liberals had soul searching to do…

And, to be fair, the Liberal Party of Canada certainly does. That the Bloc Quebecois is in an equally unenviable position – maybe even more unenviable, if that’s possible – does not take away from the steep uphill climb ahead of the Liberal Party and their growing membership base. But even the Liberal collapse is … Continue reading

Voter turnout by the numbers

The National Post took a look at how voter turnout played out across the country: who showed up last Monday to vote, and who stayed at home. The monumental task that will keep pollsters up to the wee hours of the morning for the next few months will be figuring out why those voters stayed … Continue reading

Dear Elizabeth: congratulations, but the real work lies ahead

Dear Elizabeth, You have done a lifetime’s worth of work already just to reach this moment, and on behalf of all Canadian citizens, whether they voted for you or not, thank you for the tireless work you have done – and will continue to do – on behalf of a grateful environment. Spearheading the breakthrough … Continue reading

Dear Gilles: why am I sad you’re gone?

Dear Gilles, Between friends – can I ask you something? You’re not a vampire, right? Some friends of mine have been saying you feast upon the blood of the innocent under the cover of darkness, and frankly, if that was true, I would have a small problem or two with that. So I just want … Continue reading

Dear Jack: Jesus tap-dancing Christ, right?

Dear Jack, Cancer and a hip replacement were the best things that ever happened to your political career. I mean…wow. I don’t know if what you were selling was that special, but man were Canadians buying it on Monday. And your love of nude shiatsu rubdowns in seedy Chinatown massage parlours only seemed to have … Continue reading

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