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Waste Mismanagement Leads to Plastic-Filled Oceans

Up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans every year, partly due to litter and inadequate waste management. ROUGHLY 9.1 MILLION tonnes of plastic waste will head from land to sea this year alone in 192 coastal countries worldwide. The latest study published this week in Science from researchers at the University of Georgia and the National … Continue reading

U.S. energy called on to help West handle Russia

America should rethink overhauling energy export policy in favour of ‘drill, baby, drill’ simply to flex muscle against Russia over Crimean play. Can boosting U.S. energy exports help declaw the prowling Russian bear? In the weeks following President Vladimir Putin’s military expansion into Ukraine’s Crimean region, manipulating U.S. energy sources – the full spectrum of … Continue reading

Europe looks to coal to reduce electricity prices

One year after The Economist signalled an ”unwelcomed coal renaissance”, Bloomberg News reported Jan. 6 that Europe’s lust for lower energy prices was reviving lignite mining for coal-fired generation in a big way. Lignite, a low-quality form of coal that contains less units of energy and greater volumes of carbon than traditional coal, is once again … Continue reading

Ontario to roll out Green Bonds in 2014

Ontario made a small splash in the financial world at the end of October when Premier Kathleen Wynne and two top cabinet ministers announced the province was set to become the first Canadian jurisdiction to issue “green bonds,” a debt tool for governments to raise money solely to fund environmentally friendly initiatives. “These bonds will … Continue reading

A Timeline of the Iranian Nuclear Saga

The prospect of nuclear war between Israel and Iran over Iran’s disputed civilian nuclear program is ever-present as both sides attempt to determine the others intentions while preparing for the worst. The heart of the conflict is a debate over the true intentions of Iran’s nuclear program: Iran has long argued the nuclear program they … Continue reading

Affording the Olympics: How the Recession may move the Games East

The Italian government has officially removed the city of Rome’s bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, citing economic instability in the country and the mounting costs of hosting the games, should their bid be victorious. “Italy can and must have ambitious goals,” stated the Italian Premier Mario Monti: “our government is focused also on … Continue reading

Book Review — Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food by Paul Greenberg

Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food Paul Greenberg The Penguin Press | New York, NY 2010 | 284 pp Paul Greenberg’s expose on the global commercial fishing industry is less a lament for a traditional way-of-life lost to industrialization than it is a dire warning of about the biological impacts of our … Continue reading

SOPA delayed, but Canada’s Copyright Modernization Act carries on

18 U.S. Senators have withdrawn their support for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) due to an overwhelmingly negative online reaction, including a Google petition that garnered over 4.5M signatures and the Wikipedia-led blackout of over 7,000 popular websites. Here in Canada, Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act is slowly making its way through the … Continue reading

Saving Solar Power in Germany

For most of the past winter, Germany’s 1.1 million solar power systems that crisscross the country have sat relatively idle. Overcast skies and a relative lack of sunshine has meant the powerful solar-generating system has produced little energy, forcing Germany to import electricity from nuclear power plants in neighbouring France and the Czech Republic. Public … Continue reading

Globe columnist John Ibbitson talks politics and how the West has won

A standing room only crowd assembled last night at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto to hear Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson speak on the current state of Canadian political affairs. Ibbitson’s talk, it would seem, was convened to inform the assembled crowd of Toronto elite just how the consensus they historically had helped form … Continue reading

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