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Dear Elizabeth: congratulations, but the real work lies ahead

Dear Elizabeth, You have done a lifetime’s worth of work already just to reach this moment, and on behalf of all Canadian citizens, whether they voted for you or not, thank you for the tireless work you have done – and will continue to do – on behalf of a grateful environment. Spearheading the breakthrough … Continue reading

Dear Gilles: why am I sad you’re gone?

Dear Gilles, Between friends – can I ask you something? You’re not a vampire, right? Some friends of mine have been saying you feast upon the blood of the innocent under the cover of darkness, and frankly, if that was true, I would have a small problem or two with that. So I just want … Continue reading

Dear Jack: Jesus tap-dancing Christ, right?

Dear Jack, Cancer and a hip replacement were the best things that ever happened to your political career. I mean…wow. I don’t know if what you were selling was that special, but man were Canadians buying it on Monday. And your love of nude shiatsu rubdowns in seedy Chinatown massage parlours only seemed to have … Continue reading

Dear Michael: Don’t Blame Yourself

Dear Michael, We never thought it would come to this. I mean, we knew it would be bad for you and for the Liberal Party last night, but I don’t suppose any of us thought it would be record-breakingly disappointing for you, your supporters, and the Natural Governing Party of this country. But politics being … Continue reading

Dear Stephen: the 41st General Election and your undeserved majority

Well that happened. The rainy weather here in Toronto is befitting of the mood surrounding what was, for my circle of friends anyway, a very disappointing and bewildering election. The Conservatives end up with 167 seats, 12 more than needed to form a majority; the NDP will form the Official Opposition with 102 seats (beating … Continue reading

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