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Harper stands by MacKay amid calls for his resignation

Some things have become clear in the past week with regards to the helicopter flight Defence Minister Peter MacKay took in July 2010. MacKay was on a fishing vacation in Newfoundland outside of Gander and one morning he found out he was needed in Ontario by noon to assist with a government announcement. Rather than … Continue reading

Feel Safer Post-9/11? Feel $92B Safer?

Earlier this week, the non-partisan (but left-leaning) Rideau Institute released a report on Canada’s defence spending since 9/11 entitled The Cost of 9/11 and the Creation of a National Security Establishment. It was written by economist David Macdonald, and it calculated that $92B ($69B adjusted for inflation) has been spent on ‘security’ in various forms … Continue reading

Canada’s Military: J.L. Granatstein doesn’t get the irony

Now, I’m a student of history by trade. This has always been my bread and butter – Canadian history especially. In a third year history class at the University of Toronto, Prof. Adam Chapnick (who is now the Deputy Director of Education at the Canadian Forces College in Kingston) once told me that a paper … Continue reading

Army 2040: First Look moves away from humanity vs. The Environment outlook

I feel as though every decade in North America another article, report, or paper emerges in which The Environment (note the capital letters) is pitted as public enemy number one. The latest of such reports was issued just recently by the Canadian Armed Forces entitled Army 2040: First Look, which sounds like an awful Michael … Continue reading

Re-imagining Canada in the World: Start by tackling Tall Poppy Syndrome

The Globe and Mail has been choc-a-bloc lately with guest columnists (academics, NATO ambassadors, think-tank CEO’s) talking about where the debate over Canada’s foreign policy has gone. It was conspicuously absent in the recent federal election campaign, as noted by Jeffrey Simpson back on April 6 when he wrote that “there is plenty to talk … Continue reading

Layton prizes ships over jets in latest campaign pledge

NDP Leader Jack Layton was in Esquimalt, BC this morning to talk about the importance of keeping Canada’s Navy in top shape, even if it means not investing in other branches of the Armed Forces. Potentially. Layton also indicated that a NDP government would order a white paper review of military spending (which has not … Continue reading

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