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Feature: Can the Young Liberals save the Liberal Party of Canada?

“The future leaders of the party are in this room,” Bob Rae told the assembled crowd of Young Liberals. “They’re you.” And they want Rae to be right. In fact, they want him to take this platitude one step further — that the future leaders of this country are assembled there, never mind the party. … Continue reading

Photo Gallery: Liberal Biennial Convention 2012

Now that the Liberal Biennial Convention has wrapped up and people have headed home to regroup and figure out how best to build on the ideas and momentum that so energized them in frigid Ottawa, a look back on the weekend that was — in photos! Enjoy!

Liberals opt to tread cautiously into the future

Canada’s die-hard Liberals are wrapping up their Biennial Convention in Ottawa this afternoon. It has been an enthusiastic affair, despite the fact that it is not a leadership convention. (Although the Liberals have had enough of those in the past decade to last a generation.) Turnout has been much larger than anticipated which everyone takes … Continue reading

Harper stands by MacKay amid calls for his resignation

Some things have become clear in the past week with regards to the helicopter flight Defence Minister Peter MacKay took in July 2010. MacKay was on a fishing vacation in Newfoundland outside of Gander and one morning he found out he was needed in Ontario by noon to assist with a government announcement. Rather than … Continue reading

ON Premier Dalton McGuinty rumoured for federal Liberal leadership

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty may be publicly dismissing any interest he may have in running for the federal Liberal top job, but sources close to the Premier told Globe and Mail columnist Lawrence Martin last week that McGuinty has not ruled out the possibility of moving into federal politics once his third term as Ontario’s … Continue reading

Is Bob Rae the Liberals next Keith Davey?

Peter C. Newman’s latest book When the Gods Changed: The Death of Liberal Canada was supposed to be the book that chronicled Michael Ignatieff’s rise to political power in Canada. Plucked from the wilderness – question mark – of Harvard in Boston, Mass., Ignatieff was brought north of the border by the men who fancied … Continue reading

Are the NDP too dependent on Jack Layton?

I’ll be brief this time, because I know every pundit and their brother will be covering this story and making this speculation. But it’s worth asking – are the NDP too dependent on Jack Layton for their success? True, this success has been incredibly recent, and it is an exception in Canadian politics that the … Continue reading

Out on a Limb: In Defence of the (Political) Moral High Ground

This may be terribly naive of me (and I’m not ruling out that possibility, to be fair), but I am going to go out on a limb and make the following two statements: 1) the (political) moral high-ground is (often) worth defending; and 2) two wrongs do not make a right. I know, I know. … Continue reading

On Senate reform, Rae should choose his battles more carefully

For the record, I am still trying to figure out how I think Canada could best tackle the problem of a 19th Century Senate in the 21st Century. I am not convinced that outright abolishing it would be wise, nor am I certain that half-measures like fixed-terms and fixed-seats is the way to go. I … Continue reading

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