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Climate change could boost visitation to US National Parks by 2060

Warming temperatures in America over the next 50 years could see a spike in national park tourism. Provided it doesn’t get too hot. Continue reading

Ontario Anti-Fracking Bill Passes Second Reading

Ontario is one step closer to a future without high-pressure hydraulic fracturing. Continue reading

Melting Glaciers to Release Billions of Kilograms of CO₂ by 2050

A new study finds sea-level rise isn’t the only thing to fear about melting glaciers. WE KNOW SEA levels are rising as climate change causes glaciers to melt. But it turns out rising seas may not be the only catastrophic by-product of glacier melt we need to worry about. A new study from researchers at Florida State University … Continue reading

New ‘Tipping Point’ Model Could Help Predict Species Extinction

Species may be more adaptive to environmental changes than we thought, but small shifts can still be enough to cause extinctions. ENVIRONMENTAL “TIPPING POINTS” can provide researchers with valuable clues to detect when species are facing population collapse or extinction. Research published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by an international team from the Netherlands, … Continue reading

Ocean Warming and Acidification will Crash Crabs’ Metabolism

BASED ON FUTURE CLIMATE SCENARIOS, researchers believe coastal ecosystems will see increased extremes in low tide temperature fluctuations and drops in pH levels associated with ocean acidification. This particular study looked at what impacts, if any, warmer water and higher acidity levels will have on intertidal zone crustaceans like the test species, porcelain crabs. (The … Continue reading

Transportation sector key to reducing GHG emissions in Ontario: ECO

GETTING SERIOUS about tackling greenhouse gases has to start with dramatically cutting emissions from Ontario’s transportation sector, the province’s environmental watchdog warned recently. In releasing his latest update on efforts to curb climate change-inducing emissions in Ontario, Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller told reporters at Queen’s Park the biggest sector emitter of greenhouse gases has witnessed … Continue reading

ECO urges province to create new climate action plan

SO MUCH OF THE THINKING around climate change has evolved since 2007 that Ontario’s seven-year-old climate action plan is now “irrelevant” according to Environmental Commissioner Gord Miller. In releasing Looking for Leadership: The Costs of Climate Inaction this morning, Miller said the province has been a leader in the climate file but has not kept up with the … Continue reading

Ontario adds Climate Change to MOE Portfolio

IN ANNOUNCING her new cabinet last week, Premier Kathleen Wynne has charged former Transportation Minister Glen Murray with taking over Ontario’s newly revamped environment ministry. Murray, the sitting MPP for Toronto Centre and former mayor of Winnipeg, assumed command of the environment ministry from veteran MPP Jim Bradley who is Ontario’s longest-serving environment minister after … Continue reading

Ontario Forests Will Be Net Carbon Source Until 2040

Ontario’s Crown forests are expected to remain a net source of carbon emissions for the next three decades, according to the latest forestry report from the Ministry of Natural Resources. The latest State of Ontario’s Forests report released January 3 – the third issued by the government, this one covering the fiscal years 2004 to 2008 – found that … Continue reading

Book Review — Climatopolis: How Our Cities Will Survive and Thrive in the Hotter Future by Matthew Kahn

Climatopolis: How Our Cities Will Survive and Thrive in the Hotter Future Matthew Kahn Basic Books | New York, NY 2010 | 288 pp Despite the compelling title of UCLA economist Matthew Kahn’s Climatopolis, his work on identifying which cities will adapt to climate change and how they will survive is underwhelming. His focus is … Continue reading

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