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Kathleen Wynne’s environmental ups and downs

Feature image: Ontario Rangers youth gather at Queen’s Park in January, 2013 to protest cuts to a Ministry of Natural Resources program many former participants claim changed their lives. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has called an election for June 12, and as the parties gear up their campaign platforms, it’s worth taking a look back … Continue reading

Cyclist safety bill passes second reading at Queen’s Park

Ontario’s efforts to expand cycling infrastructure across the province may have taken a subtle but significant step forward on Dec. 12 with the second reading passage of legislation that would require paving one metre wide shoulders on all provincial, non-400 series highways. Bill 137, the Paved Shoulder and Construction Bicycling Act, from Progressive Conservative MPP … Continue reading

Fighting for Bike Lanes at Toronto City Hall: Pt. I

“Dammit. My phone died.” “You can use mine.” “That’s okay. I kinda knew it would happen. I didn’t have time to charge my phone today on my morning off. ‘Cause I spent it here.” Andrea Garcia, Advocacy Director with the Toronto Cyclists Union, had already had a long day when I left Council at 7:00 … Continue reading

Licensing cyclists is not the answer

Listen up, my broke and miserly city: licensing cyclists is not the answer. Licensing cyclists will not prevent the highly unfortunate accident that took place yesterday, in which a pedestrian was hit in Kensington Market and is now in critical condition. Why? Because the problem with that cyclist, among thousands and thousands of others, is … Continue reading

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