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And we thought the Liberals had soul searching to do…

And, to be fair, the Liberal Party of Canada certainly does. That the Bloc Quebecois is in an equally unenviable position – maybe even more unenviable, if that’s possible – does not take away from the steep uphill climb ahead of the Liberal Party and their growing membership base. But even the Liberal collapse is … Continue reading

Harper fancies a Conservative majority the only way to stop Quebec separatism

You knew it was coming, even if you never thought the day would come. Coming on the heels of a surging Parti Quebecois in Quebec’s provincial politics under PQ leader Pauline Marois, and Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe saying Quebec must become its own nation because the other federal leaders do not understand the Quebec situation, … Continue reading

Ontarians too diverse for province-wide wooing

I really wanted to disagree with this one. I mean I REALLY wanted to. I read Adam Radwanski’s Globe & Mail article “Impossible to please, Ontario ends up with nothing” and wanted to counter with Ontarians’ commonalities, how a recent immigrant working in Walmart in a Toronto suburb is just like a mill worker from … Continue reading

The problem with ‘distinct societies’

In a nutshell: the precedent they set. The case: an article in the Montreal Gazette this morning illuminating the ‘common ground’ between Quebec and – you guessed, it, Alberta. The evidence: The two provinces have more in common than many Quebecers might realize. Alberta, like Quebec, is proudly autonomist and jealous of its provincial prerogatives. … Continue reading

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