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Can Elizabeth May Unmuzzle Canada’s Scientists?

The success rate of private member’s bills in the federal parliament is abysmal. In the 100-plus years since 1910, Ottawa has passed just 271 of them. For comparison, more than 1,600 PMB’s were tabled between 1997 and 2015, and the rate at which they’re being drawn up is on the rise. It’s not unusual for entire sessions of … Continue reading

National Energy Board commenting rules ‘undemocratic’

Federal opposition MPs and environmental groups are crying foul over what they see as the government’s attempt to curtail public comment on Enbridge’s proposed 639-km Line 9 reversal pipeline route through southern Ontario and into Quebec. Tucked away in last spring’s Bill C-38 omnibus budget bill from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is a requirement that … Continue reading

No one can deny DePape the courage of her convictions

That was one way to start a conversation! In a country with an electorate difficult to fire up (livid over raccoon abuse in Toronto, indifferent to Canada’s involvement in Libya, according to the National Post), Senate page Brigette DePape has certainly got people talking, and not only to condemn her actions, or at least the … Continue reading

Can’t Win, Don’t Try: National Post on Parliamentary decorum

Can I be frank? The National Post is likely correct when they say that the no-heckling restriction Jack Layton has placed on his newly expanded caucus will not likely last a week. And they are also likely right when they say that Elizabeth May’s twin desire to bring civility to the House of Commons by … Continue reading

George Monbiot on Environmentalism and correcting Wente’s ignorance

In response to Margaret Wente’s article on Elizabeth May and the Green Party’s decline in the Globe and Mail, in which Wente liberally draws upon a series of article written by George Monbiot for the Guardian, Monbiot has written the Globe and Mail a response in which he repudiates almost everything that Wente asserted. You … Continue reading

Globe and Mail ponders the ‘decline’ of the Green Party

I love it when Globe columnists argue with each other in print, especially when one of those columnists is the writer we all love to hate (because she makes herself disagreeable intentionally to sell papers), Margaret Wente. The other is Adam Radwanski, and over the past few days both have weighed in on taking stock … Continue reading

Dear Elizabeth: congratulations, but the real work lies ahead

Dear Elizabeth, You have done a lifetime’s worth of work already just to reach this moment, and on behalf of all Canadian citizens, whether they voted for you or not, thank you for the tireless work you have done – and will continue to do – on behalf of a grateful environment. Spearheading the breakthrough … Continue reading

The un-endorsement endorsements

“Sometimes, when you see a group of Canadians coming out on Sunday morning to plant trees that they might not even live to see fully grown, you understand and feel the deep and passionate faith that the people of this country have in their own country. They must also have a politics and politicians worthy … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: April 17-April 23

Here are some stories I was following this week. I probably wanted to write about them, but didn’t have the time. Monday, April 18 | CBC.ca – MPs embarrassed by party theatrics: study “Former parliamentarians are issuing a warning to those campaigning for a seat in the House of Commons that most of their work … Continue reading

‘Chapter 2: Conservative Coalitions’

I thought I would share this briefly with all of you fine readers. As I was volunteering at the Rally for Democracy last Thursday, an attendee came up to me as I was directing people to the back alley club entrance to This is London that we were forced to use, and asked me if … Continue reading

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