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Parks Canada the Institution: Celebrating 100 years of Canada’s National Parks

No one can accuse Parks Canada of not pulling out all the stops to celebrate its 100th birthday in style. The Parks Canada website has been overhauled to reflect this important milestone; the establishment of the first urban new national park has been announced for Rouge Valley in Toronto; free parks passes have been granted … Continue reading

Army 2040: First Look moves away from humanity vs. The Environment outlook

I feel as though every decade in North America another article, report, or paper emerges in which The Environment (note the capital letters) is pitted as public enemy number one. The latest of such reports was issued just recently by the Canadian Armed Forces entitled Army 2040: First Look, which sounds like an awful Michael … Continue reading

NDP wakes up to hypocrisy of asbestos mining and export from Quebec

CBC is reporting through the Access to Information Act, that the Harper government rejected a 2006 recommendation from Health Canada to support a global ban on asbestos. Health Canada suggested that the government reverse their previous commitment to keep asbestos off the UN list of banned hazardous materials, and Harper refused. The 2006 Rotterdam Convention … Continue reading

New study indicates dramatic reduction in Rocky Mountain snowpack

A report released this past week from the U.S. Geological Survey found that over an 800 year period, the past 30 years indicate a dramatic break from the typical snowpack patterns in the Rocky Mountains. The report stated that “over the past millennium, late-20th-century snowpack reductions are almost unprecedented in magnitude across the northern Rocky Mountains,” … Continue reading

US Dept. of Transportation orders TransCanada to halt activity on Keystone I

Effective immediately, the US Department of Transportation has ordered TransCanada to suspend all activity on the Keystone I pipeline. According to the New York Times, the order was issued by the Transportation department’s Pipelines and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. “Effective immediately,” the PHMSA claims, “this order prevents TransCanada from restarting operations on their Keystone crude … Continue reading

Feature: No significant ‘rainy day fund’ for Alberta’s natural resource wealth

With the massive natural resource wealth that Alberta continues to enjoy as an accident of geography and an industrial system that craves what it has to sell, the Alberta government has long been in the enviable position of unimaginable wealth that seems – quite falsely – to be bottomless. Large volumes of oil and natural … Continue reading

George Monbiot on Environmentalism and correcting Wente’s ignorance

In response to Margaret Wente’s article on Elizabeth May and the Green Party’s decline in the Globe and Mail, in which Wente liberally draws upon a series of article written by George Monbiot for the Guardian, Monbiot has written the Globe and Mail a response in which he repudiates almost everything that Wente asserted. You … Continue reading

Quebec to spend $2.1B on 25-year northern development plan

Quebec is betting that a once thriving mining industry north of the 49th parallel can be revived with a $2.1B investment over 25 years. To give you some scope on the plan, they are estimating it will generate over $80B in investment revenue over the course of the project, and create or consolidate over 20,000 … Continue reading

Asbestos is Canada’s deadly double standard

Stephen Harper has been in the heart of asbestos country recently, attempting to win votes on the export of a highly toxic and dangerous substance banned throughout much of the industrialized world. That Canada has a deadly double standard with regards to limiting our own use of a hazardous substance while exporting it to developing … Continue reading

Bolivia to give Earth same rights as humans

My dad will be pleased; he said reading this blog of mine would have many people think that I was an especially angry person, which is so far from the truth. There is often just a lot out there to be upset by, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But not today, even though … Continue reading

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