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Has Layton inherited the federal mantle of Quebec separatism?

I knew we would find a good reason to miss former Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe, I just never imagined it would happen this quickly. Images of Jack Layton in the CBC and elsewhere have surfaced recently, featuring Layton, cane in hand and in hip-waders, galumphing through knee-high water in flood-devastated regions of Quebec. In looking … Continue reading

And we thought the Liberals had soul searching to do…

And, to be fair, the Liberal Party of Canada certainly does. That the Bloc Quebecois is in an equally unenviable position – maybe even more unenviable, if that’s possible – does not take away from the steep uphill climb ahead of the Liberal Party and their growing membership base. But even the Liberal collapse is … Continue reading

Dear Gilles: why am I sad you’re gone?

Dear Gilles, Between friends – can I ask you something? You’re not a vampire, right? Some friends of mine have been saying you feast upon the blood of the innocent under the cover of darkness, and frankly, if that was true, I would have a small problem or two with that. So I just want … Continue reading

Harper fancies a Conservative majority the only way to stop Quebec separatism

You knew it was coming, even if you never thought the day would come. Coming on the heels of a surging Parti Quebecois in Quebec’s provincial politics under PQ leader Pauline Marois, and Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe saying Quebec must become its own nation because the other federal leaders do not understand the Quebec situation, … Continue reading

Duceppe Pushes for G8 Report Release Ahead of Election

The CBC is reporting that Gilles Duceppe is pushing Stephen Harper to do what he can to have the G8 Report released by Auditor General Sheila Fraser ahead of the May 2 election. The AG is prevented from releasing the report because Parliament is not in session, but with all five political party leaders asking … Continue reading

‘I don’t accept the truth of those attacks’ #hashtagfail – Our National Leaders’ Debate

I have never understood why people are so obsessed with picking ‘winners’ for debates that are not being decided by professors in debating societies, but rather by the media and the Canadian people who tuned in. My news feed this morning was clogged with asinine headlines like “4 out of 10 debate viewers call Harper … Continue reading

Accommodating Habs a higher priority than the Green Party

If I hadn’t seen Andrew Coyne tweeting about this this morning, I would not have believed it. And then when you start to think about it, you realize that there is nothing more bush-league or pathetic about Canadian politics than this: our willingness to entertain the rescheduling of the Leader’s Debate to accommodate Habs fans … Continue reading

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