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Canada’s Military: J.L. Granatstein doesn’t get the irony

Now, I’m a student of history by trade. This has always been my bread and butter – Canadian history especially. In a third year history class at the University of Toronto, Prof. Adam Chapnick (who is now the Deputy Director of Education at the Canadian Forces College in Kingston) once told me that a paper … Continue reading

Has Layton inherited the federal mantle of Quebec separatism?

I knew we would find a good reason to miss former Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe, I just never imagined it would happen this quickly. Images of Jack Layton in the CBC and elsewhere have surfaced recently, featuring Layton, cane in hand and in hip-waders, galumphing through knee-high water in flood-devastated regions of Quebec. In looking … Continue reading

George Monbiot on Environmentalism and correcting Wente’s ignorance

In response to Margaret Wente’s article on Elizabeth May and the Green Party’s decline in the Globe and Mail, in which Wente liberally draws upon a series of article written by George Monbiot for the Guardian, Monbiot has written the Globe and Mail a response in which he repudiates almost everything that Wente asserted. You … Continue reading

Globe and Mail ponders the ‘decline’ of the Green Party

I love it when Globe columnists argue with each other in print, especially when one of those columnists is the writer we all love to hate (because she makes herself disagreeable intentionally to sell papers), Margaret Wente. The other is Adam Radwanski, and over the past few days both have weighed in on taking stock … Continue reading

Editorial: Globe and Mail endorses Harper and the Conservatives

At least the Globe editorial board and I agree on one thing: we are having an election on May 2, that much is true. No – I kid. The Globe & Mail has come out with their public political endorsement, said some pleasant things about all party leaders, and thrown their considerable, national weight behind … Continue reading

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