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Loopholes threaten Ontario Greenbelt

The Greenbelt Alliance wants better protection for the ecologically sensitive area, which remains at risk from sprawl, mega-highways and contaminated soil. SOUTHERN ONTARIO’S 7,200 square kilometre Greenbelt and the prime farmland and headwaters it contains remain at significant risk from expanding urban development despite protective legislation in place for a decade. Ontario’s Greenbelt at Risk, a … Continue reading

Ontario to roll out Green Bonds in 2014

Ontario made a small splash in the financial world at the end of October when Premier Kathleen Wynne and two top cabinet ministers announced the province was set to become the first Canadian jurisdiction to issue “green bonds,” a debt tool for governments to raise money solely to fund environmentally friendly initiatives. “These bonds will … Continue reading

Affording the Olympics: How the Recession may move the Games East

The Italian government has officially removed the city of Rome’s bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, citing economic instability in the country and the mounting costs of hosting the games, should their bid be victorious. “Italy can and must have ambitious goals,” stated the Italian Premier Mario Monti: “our government is focused also on … Continue reading

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