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NDP leadership debate showcases the (many) party hopefuls

The first NDP leadership debate was this afternoon, and it would appear from the coverage that the only victor was expediency and those who speak in sound bites. Nine candidate took the stage (Brian Topp, Thomas Mulcair, Paul Dewar, Nathan Cullen, Toronto MP Peggy Nash, Quebec MP Roméo Saganash, Nova Scotia MP Robert Chisholm, Manitoba … Continue reading

Ontario Green vote projected to drop – but it doesn’t have to

Just about the only thing that all parties and observers can agree upon about the upcoming Ontario election is that the high vote percentage gained by the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) in 2007 will not be maintained in 2011. And it is expected to drop for a number of reasons, but not all of … Continue reading

Jack Layton: Our Politics are Poorer for the Loss

The unthinkable happened twice this year for the federal New Democrats: their charismatic leader Jack Layton took them as close to the Holy Grail of Canadian politics as you can get as a ‘third party’ in doubling their historic seat count to form the official opposition. And then, as the euphoria proved short-lived, the NDP … Continue reading

Are the NDP too dependent on Jack Layton?

I’ll be brief this time, because I know every pundit and their brother will be covering this story and making this speculation. But it’s worth asking – are the NDP too dependent on Jack Layton for their success? True, this success has been incredibly recent, and it is an exception in Canadian politics that the … Continue reading

Layton swears allegiance to Marx, vows to crush capitalism: just kidding…

I think before any journalist sits down in front of their computer to write something, they must ask themselves the following question: will what I am about to write constructively improve the dialogue on that topic? Or dig deeper: will it speak rationally to those who disagree with me, and/or passionately to those who may … Continue reading

Has Layton inherited the federal mantle of Quebec separatism?

I knew we would find a good reason to miss former Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe, I just never imagined it would happen this quickly. Images of Jack Layton in the CBC and elsewhere have surfaced recently, featuring Layton, cane in hand and in hip-waders, galumphing through knee-high water in flood-devastated regions of Quebec. In looking … Continue reading

Can’t Win, Don’t Try: National Post on Parliamentary decorum

Can I be frank? The National Post is likely correct when they say that the no-heckling restriction Jack Layton has placed on his newly expanded caucus will not likely last a week. And they are also likely right when they say that Elizabeth May’s twin desire to bring civility to the House of Commons by … Continue reading

Dear Jack: Jesus tap-dancing Christ, right?

Dear Jack, Cancer and a hip replacement were the best things that ever happened to your political career. I mean…wow. I don’t know if what you were selling was that special, but man were Canadians buying it on Monday. And your love of nude shiatsu rubdowns in seedy Chinatown massage parlours only seemed to have … Continue reading

The un-endorsement endorsements

“Sometimes, when you see a group of Canadians coming out on Sunday morning to plant trees that they might not even live to see fully grown, you understand and feel the deep and passionate faith that the people of this country have in their own country. They must also have a politics and politicians worthy … Continue reading

Solidifying the ‘Youth Vote’ starts with respect

Stephen Harper can say that this was a needless election all he wants, but for millions of Canadians on the political left of the spectrum, the May 2 vote appears to be anything but. And if record-breaking advance polls turnout is any indication, the election in search of a story appears to have found its … Continue reading

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