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Weekly Round-Up: April 17-April 23

Here are some stories I was following this week. I probably wanted to write about them, but didn’t have the time. Monday, April 18 | CBC.ca – MPs embarrassed by party theatrics: study “Former parliamentarians are issuing a warning to those campaigning for a seat in the House of Commons that most of their work … Continue reading

Support for the Dippers takes off

Jack Layton proved me right, which is always a good feeling. But the true test of how right he proved me to be will be seen on May 2, and no sooner. Back on April 2, I wrote a post about how Jack Layton was proving himself in this campaign more than any other before … Continue reading

‘I don’t accept the truth of those attacks’ #hashtagfail – Our National Leaders’ Debate

I have never understood why people are so obsessed with picking ‘winners’ for debates that are not being decided by professors in debating societies, but rather by the media and the Canadian people who tuned in. My news feed this morning was clogged with asinine headlines like “4 out of 10 debate viewers call Harper … Continue reading

Accommodating Habs a higher priority than the Green Party

If I hadn’t seen Andrew Coyne tweeting about this this morning, I would not have believed it. And then when you start to think about it, you realize that there is nothing more bush-league or pathetic about Canadian politics than this: our willingness to entertain the rescheduling of the Leader’s Debate to accommodate Habs fans … Continue reading

Layton prizes ships over jets in latest campaign pledge

NDP Leader Jack Layton was in Esquimalt, BC this morning to talk about the importance of keeping Canada’s Navy in top shape, even if it means not investing in other branches of the Armed Forces. Potentially. Layton also indicated that a NDP government would order a white paper review of military spending (which has not … Continue reading

Layton looks South for change up North

One would think that battling prostate cancer and nursing a broken hip would be enough to weaken any candidate’s enthusiasm for campaigning, let alone the sheer will needed to traverse the country from sea to sea to sea. But nothing seems to keep Layton down: and as of this writing, eight days since the election … Continue reading

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