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And we thought the Liberals had soul searching to do…

And, to be fair, the Liberal Party of Canada certainly does. That the Bloc Quebecois is in an equally unenviable position – maybe even more unenviable, if that’s possible – does not take away from the steep uphill climb ahead of the Liberal Party and their growing membership base. But even the Liberal collapse is … Continue reading

Making the Liberal Party of Canada 21st Century relevant

They were still counting votes when the first article on re-making the Liberal Party was published on May 2. Ignatieff was still leader, Rae was still talking about keeping all the options on the table when asked about a NDP merger, and concession speeches were just being scribbled on the back of cocktail napkins when … Continue reading

Dear Michael: Don’t Blame Yourself

Dear Michael, We never thought it would come to this. I mean, we knew it would be bad for you and for the Liberal Party last night, but I don’t suppose any of us thought it would be record-breakingly disappointing for you, your supporters, and the Natural Governing Party of this country. But politics being … Continue reading

The un-endorsement endorsements

“Sometimes, when you see a group of Canadians coming out on Sunday morning to plant trees that they might not even live to see fully grown, you understand and feel the deep and passionate faith that the people of this country have in their own country. They must also have a politics and politicians worthy … Continue reading

Andrew Coyne’s support for the Liberals: help bring “government to democratic heel”

My previous comments about abuse of power and using media outlets to state voting intentions notwithstanding, I wanted to bring attention to Andrew Coyne’s article ‘A price must be paid – but by whom?’ in Maclean’s that came out today. Coyne does a fantastic job exploring the debate between the two pillars of the campaign … Continue reading

Ignatieff is finding himself on the hustings

With the recent NDP surge in the polls over the past week, I think media outlets – myself included – have tended to write about the big story, the drastic change that many people are looking for to justify what Stephen Harper has relentlessly called a ‘needless election.’ The outside chance of Jack Layton and … Continue reading

Quebec Liberal candidate dropped for ‘shocking’ comments

We saw this last week, didn’t we? A candidate’s inappropriate comments about Aboriginals coming back to haunt them on the campaign trail? Well, it happened again today in the blink of an eye, but today’s culprit was Metis-born Andre Forbes, the former Liberal candidate in the riding of Manicouagan, possibly the best riding name in … Continue reading

The return of the Liberal ‘Red Book’

Whether you agree with a single Liberal promise in its latest Red Book or not, you must concede that politically, this was exactly what needed to happen. What was made abundantly clear in 2008 was that running solely on the Green Shift – gawd, remember that? – was a terrible idea. Not only is basing … Continue reading

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