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Quebec Liberal candidate dropped for ‘shocking’ comments

We saw this last week, didn’t we? A candidate’s inappropriate comments about Aboriginals coming back to haunt them on the campaign trail? Well, it happened again today in the blink of an eye, but today’s culprit was Metis-born Andre Forbes, the former Liberal candidate in the riding of Manicouagan, possibly the best riding name in … Continue reading

The return of the Liberal ‘Red Book’

Whether you agree with a single Liberal promise in its latest Red Book or not, you must concede that politically, this was exactly what needed to happen. What was made abundantly clear in 2008 was that running solely on the Green Shift – gawd, remember that? – was a terrible idea. Not only is basing … Continue reading

Why the current Conservative attack ads don’t work

Robert Fulford in the National Post has redeemed himself in my eyes – admitting that he is a three-time Harper voter will diminish your standing with me, slightly. In a well-written op-ed piece (hilariously titled “As Canadian as Gordie Howe and Neil Young”), he explains why the current Conservative attack ads that end with a … Continue reading

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