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Ontario should brace for cuts ahead of March 2012 budget

Matt Gurney in the National Post lays it on a little thick when he calls the Ontario Liberals – and Premier Dalton McGuinty and Finance Minister Dwight Duncan in particular – “financially illiterate” for their recent announcement that the province will bring in roughly $1B less than anticipated. Projected growth is just that – projected: … Continue reading

Canada’s Military: J.L. Granatstein doesn’t get the irony

Now, I’m a student of history by trade. This has always been my bread and butter – Canadian history especially. In a third year history class at the University of Toronto, Prof. Adam Chapnick (who is now the Deputy Director of Education at the Canadian Forces College in Kingston) once told me that a paper … Continue reading

Has Layton inherited the federal mantle of Quebec separatism?

I knew we would find a good reason to miss former Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe, I just never imagined it would happen this quickly. Images of Jack Layton in the CBC and elsewhere have surfaced recently, featuring Layton, cane in hand and in hip-waders, galumphing through knee-high water in flood-devastated regions of Quebec. In looking … Continue reading

Can’t Win, Don’t Try: National Post on Parliamentary decorum

Can I be frank? The National Post is likely correct when they say that the no-heckling restriction Jack Layton has placed on his newly expanded caucus will not likely last a week. And they are also likely right when they say that Elizabeth May’s twin desire to bring civility to the House of Commons by … Continue reading

Is reforming the Senate even worth it?

Kelly McParland has a good article in the National Post this morning where he advocates for turning the Senate into a food bank. No doubt a more worthwhile expenditure of that money and space. But it does get McParland thinking about why it is that Canadians even think that reform is a good thing for … Continue reading

Conservative outrage at Harper’s callous Senate appointments

When you are Stephen Harper, and the National Post has commentators tearing you a new asshole in an article that seemed to shock even veteran Ottawa insiders, you know you may have crossed the line. That is, if Harper cares. Which a fellow blogger at Far and Wide argues is exactly the problem: he doesn’t, … Continue reading

Tinkering with a broken system is not the answer

According to the National Post, the Conservative government will announce plans on Friday to move forward with a plan to add an additional 30 seats to the House of Commons in a misguided effort to deal with the imperfections in our system of representation by population. And there are many imperfections in the current rep … Continue reading

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