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NDP to refuse support for Rouge National Urban Park bill

Everyone wants the 10,500 acres in the Rouge Valley to be made into a national urban park, yet few but the Harper Tories think their plan for the green space is the best path forward. ON A MEDIA TOUR this week of the proposed park on Toronto’s eastern boundary, federal NDP environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax) … Continue reading

NDP propose tough rules for importing Asian carp

On Oct. 1, New Democratic MP Brian Masse from Windsor, Ontario introduced a private member’s bill calling for tougher action and better coordination across Canadian governments in the fight against Asian carp. The bill would make it illegal to import Asian carp — or “invasive carp,” as Masse calls it in his remarks — into … Continue reading

Clement’s involvement in G8 Legacy Funding questioned by NDP

New allegations arose this past week over the depth of former Industry Minister Tony Clement’s involvement in selecting infrastructure projects in his Parry Sound-Muskoka riding that received G8 Legacy Funding. The NDP allege that Mr. Clement was more directly involved in selecting sites that received federal funding than he is letting on. The NDP obtained … Continue reading

The cautious politics of choosing a leader

As the race to replace Jack Layton heats up, it was only a matter of time before the candidates began taking significant steps to differentiate themselves from their fellow candidates. Eight candidates remain in the race to lead the NDP and Her Majesty’s Official Opposition, and the New Democrats should be proud of the field … Continue reading

Mulcair reaches out to NDP’s environmental wing

NDP MP and leadership candidate Thomas Mulcair has staked his leadership bid on the support of the NDP’s remaining environmentalists by pegging ‘sustainable development’ as the cornerstone of his campaign. It’s a policy decision he hopes will clinch him the leadership of the federal New Democrats. Mulcair is betting he can find a way to … Continue reading

NDP leadership debate showcases the (many) party hopefuls

The first NDP leadership debate was this afternoon, and it would appear from the coverage that the only victor was expediency and those who speak in sound bites. Nine candidate took the stage (Brian Topp, Thomas Mulcair, Paul Dewar, Nathan Cullen, Toronto MP Peggy Nash, Quebec MP Roméo Saganash, Nova Scotia MP Robert Chisholm, Manitoba … Continue reading

NDP MP Peter Julian defends Canadian football with Bill C-360

I came across this odd nugget of parliamentary protectionism courtesy of iPolitics.ca – Peter Julian, four-time elected NDP MP for Burnaby-New Westminster, has introduced “An act to support Canadian professional football,” a.k.a. Bill C-360, a.k.a. the Canadian Football Act. The bill acknowledges that Canadian football, as played by the Canadian Football League, is an “important … Continue reading

Ontario votes to amble into the twenty-tens

For an election that was about as little as an election can possibly be about, last nights results brought more change to Ontario than many anticipated. And despite the set election dates we have in Ontario, Ontarians should not expect to wait until 2015 before casting their next provincial ballot. But they can be forgiven … Continue reading

Ontario Votes 2011: Getting back to the Meat and Potatoes of Governing

Well, here we are. The Ontario provincial election is two days away, and the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are locked in a dead heat, continuing to make election promises at the 11th hour; the House of Commons in Ottawa has been in session for weeks now with Stephen Harper’s Conservative majority firmly in power; and … Continue reading

Parking taxes and road tolls: the politics of misdirection

I have an important announcement for all political parties – not every comment made by every individual opposition candidate can or should be used as a stand-in for opposition policy as a whole. Because people are not dumb, they see through it, and you end up looking silly. Case in point: a press release came … Continue reading

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