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NEB finds compliance issues with TransCanada’s environmental protections

A series of five extensive audits of TransCanada Pipelines Management Program by the National Energy Board came back with only minor issues the regulator is asking the energy giant to iron out. “NEB audits proactively identify those aspects of a company’s management system that are working well along with those that need to be improved,” … Continue reading

‘The Revenge of the Old Economy’

Canada largely owes its economic development to natural resources, the vast and (theoretically) sustainable resources like lumber, fish, minerals, agriculture and energy in the form of oil and natural gas. Borrowing liberally from Harold Innis’s iconic The Fur Trade in Canada, hewers of wood and drawers of water we were, and in many ways, we … Continue reading

Mulcair reaches out to NDP’s environmental wing

NDP MP and leadership candidate Thomas Mulcair has staked his leadership bid on the support of the NDP’s remaining environmentalists by pegging ‘sustainable development’ as the cornerstone of his campaign. It’s a policy decision he hopes will clinch him the leadership of the federal New Democrats. Mulcair is betting he can find a way to … Continue reading

Manning Centre releases 2011 State of Canada’s Conservative Movement

The Manning Centre, founded by former Opposition and Reform Party Leader Preston Manning, released its second annual State of Canada’s Conservative Movement report. The study is comprised of three parts, examining the attitudes of Canadians across the political spectrum on various topics like welfare and immigration; comparing the electoral map in Ontario from the 2008 … Continue reading

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