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Can’t Win, Don’t Try: National Post on Parliamentary decorum

Can I be frank? The National Post is likely correct when they say that the no-heckling restriction Jack Layton has placed on his newly expanded caucus will not likely last a week. And they are also likely right when they say that Elizabeth May’s twin desire to bring civility to the House of Commons by … Continue reading

Ontarians too diverse for province-wide wooing

I really wanted to disagree with this one. I mean I REALLY wanted to. I read Adam Radwanski’s Globe & Mail article “Impossible to please, Ontario ends up with nothing” and wanted to counter with Ontarians’ commonalities, how a recent immigrant working in Walmart in a Toronto suburb is just like a mill worker from … Continue reading

Government contempt seems absent in the campaign so far

In an earlier piece I wrote about the importance of running on substance and winning or losing on that substance, as opposed to running on fear or hope alone. I stand by that, but must make a momentary digression. On March 25th, 2011, there was a historic moment in Canadian history when the Conservative federal … Continue reading

The problem with ‘distinct societies’

In a nutshell: the precedent they set. The case: an article in the Montreal Gazette this morning illuminating the ‘common ground’ between Quebec and – you guessed, it, Alberta. The evidence: The two provinces have more in common than many Quebecers might realize. Alberta, like Quebec, is proudly autonomist and jealous of its provincial prerogatives. … Continue reading

Newfoundland may forgo the ABC’s of 2008

So much of why Stephen Harper didn’t find a single seat in Newfoundland in 2008 was the widely successful ‘Anything But Conservatives’ campaign, led by then-Premier and pillow-case-on-fire Danny Williams. And those of us wishing for a similar return this year may have reason to fear a much tighter race, and a more sympathetic reception … Continue reading

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