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Laureen Harper’s Big Opportunity

Even though it has been Ottawa’s worst kept secret for years, the rumour (which in all likelihood has some truth to it) that Laureen Harper has moved out of 24 Sussex Drive and into the Chateau Laurier has been making the rounds yet again. The rumour also suggests not only that the Prime Minister’s wife … Continue reading

Making the Liberal Party of Canada 21st Century relevant

They were still counting votes when the first article on re-making the Liberal Party was published on May 2. Ignatieff was still leader, Rae was still talking about keeping all the options on the table when asked about a NDP merger, and concession speeches were just being scribbled on the back of cocktail napkins when … Continue reading

Are the injustices of First-Past-The-Post becoming too hard to ignore?

It is always news to the ears of electoral reform supporters when mainstream media outlets report on the possibility of changing our outdated system. The Guelph Mercury spent spent some time yesterday talking with Guelph Political Scientist Judith McKenzie on the subject, thinking about the likelihood of a discussion on electoral reform being one of … Continue reading

Mercer’s Vote Mobs break out across Canada

Rick Mercer took a page from P. Diddy’s 2004 ‘Vote or Die’ campaign from the 2004 US Presidential election and challenged Canada’s 18-25 voters to take 20 minutes of their day on May 2 to vote. Why? Because, according to Mercer, the Conservatives don’t especially WANT youth to vote, as they do not expect many … Continue reading

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