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Where did the ‘Liberals’ on Toronto Council go?

Back in July, 2011, a remarkable thing happened. Councillor Shelley Carroll, a progressive and vocal critic of Mayor Rob Ford, sent a letter to her riding association in Ward 33 (Don Valley East) which she has represented since 2003. Beyond her stated opinion that the City’s (conservative) leadership was not working in the best interests … Continue reading

Rob Ford’s ‘Gravy Lane’

Back in July of 2011, the Toronto Cyclists Union led the attack against the vote in City Council to remove the bike lanes on Jarvis St. that had been installed only 12 months previously under Mayor David Miller. The Bike Union was ultimately hoping that their allies on Council could convince swing Councillors that an … Continue reading

NDP MP Peter Julian defends Canadian football with Bill C-360

I came across this odd nugget of parliamentary protectionism courtesy of iPolitics.ca – Peter Julian, four-time elected NDP MP for Burnaby-New Westminster, has introduced “An act to support Canadian professional football,” a.k.a. Bill C-360, a.k.a. the Canadian Football Act. The bill acknowledges that Canadian football, as played by the Canadian Football League, is an “important … Continue reading

Horwath downplays coalition talk; asks Toronto Council to halt TTC cuts

Anyone hoping that a recent plea from provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath to Toronto City Council to hold off on transit cuts will make a difference is kidding themselves. Or the have a lot more faith in Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s desire to listen to left-wing politicians than I do. According to Horwath as reported … Continue reading

Manning Centre releases 2011 State of Canada’s Conservative Movement

The Manning Centre, founded by former Opposition and Reform Party Leader Preston Manning, released its second annual State of Canada’s Conservative Movement report. The study is comprised of three parts, examining the attitudes of Canadians across the political spectrum on various topics like welfare and immigration; comparing the electoral map in Ontario from the 2008 … Continue reading

Toronto mulls deep service cuts to begin meeting $774M budget shortfall

In the effort to reduce a budget shortfall of $774M in the City of Toronto, we may find that the city our forebears worked so hard to create will be drained of its essence. After promising in the 2010 mayoral election that taxes would be cut and services would be left alone – that tired … Continue reading

Torontonians beginning to realize you get what you pay For(d)

Running through the public and media discourse during and immediately after the ‘Historic Toronto Council Sleepover,’ as it will be etched forever in city lore, were two dominant threads that reinforced each other while speaking to separate issues. The first: elections matter. The second: you get what you pay for. Mayor Rob Ford’s challenge to … Continue reading

Riding to ‘Save Jarvis’

At last count before the event started, the RSVP on Facebook claimed that about 900+ people would be attending the ride to ‘Save Jarvis.’ But like anyone who has thrown a party and relied on Facebook to count the attendees, I figured that number would drop by at least a third as things came up … Continue reading

Compromising on Bike Lanes at Toronto City Hall: Pt. II

Yesterday afternoon, when onlookers in the crowd spotted Ford staffers handing out voting sheets to ‘Fordnation,’ as the right wing of Council is known, we who were there to support bike lanes should have guessed the issue was dead in the water. The slim chance that cyclists and their advocates on Council had in retaining … Continue reading

Fighting for Bike Lanes at Toronto City Hall: Pt. I

“Dammit. My phone died.” “You can use mine.” “That’s okay. I kinda knew it would happen. I didn’t have time to charge my phone today on my morning off. ‘Cause I spent it here.” Andrea Garcia, Advocacy Director with the Toronto Cyclists Union, had already had a long day when I left Council at 7:00 … Continue reading

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