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Environmental Groups Pin Slim Hopes for Rouge Park Changes to Senate

Canada’s Rouge National Urban Park Act began second reading in the Senate earlier this week after sailing through the House of Commons is just six months. Tobias C. Enverga Jr., a Stephen Harper appointed Senator for Ontario, is acting as the bill’s sponsor in the Senate. On Monday this week, Enverga Jr. spoke on the … Continue reading

On Senate reform, Rae should choose his battles more carefully

For the record, I am still trying to figure out how I think Canada could best tackle the problem of a 19th Century Senate in the 21st Century. I am not convinced that outright abolishing it would be wise, nor am I certain that half-measures like fixed-terms and fixed-seats is the way to go. I … Continue reading

No one can deny DePape the courage of her convictions

That was one way to start a conversation! In a country with an electorate difficult to fire up (livid over raccoon abuse in Toronto, indifferent to Canada’s involvement in Libya, according to the National Post), Senate page Brigette DePape has certainly got people talking, and not only to condemn her actions, or at least the … Continue reading

Is reforming the Senate even worth it?

Kelly McParland has a good article in the National Post this morning where he advocates for turning the Senate into a food bank. No doubt a more worthwhile expenditure of that money and space. But it does get McParland thinking about why it is that Canadians even think that reform is a good thing for … Continue reading

Kenney blames provinces for Tory Senate appointments

This is some of the most backwards logic I’ve seen in a while. Maybe this is just because I have been away for a few days and so my tolerance for crazy has lowered slightly, but in reading this article in the Vancouver Sun in which Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney blames provinces for … Continue reading

Conservative outrage at Harper’s callous Senate appointments

When you are Stephen Harper, and the National Post has commentators tearing you a new asshole in an article that seemed to shock even veteran Ottawa insiders, you know you may have crossed the line. That is, if Harper cares. Which a fellow blogger at Far and Wide argues is exactly the problem: he doesn’t, … Continue reading

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