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Laureen Harper’s Big Opportunity

Even though it has been Ottawa’s worst kept secret for years, the rumour (which in all likelihood has some truth to it) that Laureen Harper has moved out of 24 Sussex Drive and into the Chateau Laurier has been making the rounds yet again. The rumour also suggests not only that the Prime Minister’s wife … Continue reading

Conservative MP warns abortion debate has been reopened in Canada

Conservative backbencher for Saskatoon-Humboldt Brad Trost has indicated that the abortion debate in Canada has been reopened after Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared in May that the issue would remain closed. Trost’s statement comes on the heels of an announcement made last week that the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has approved an application to … Continue reading

Ontarians need to hear more from provincial Liberals and New Democrats

It’s early going to be sure, but Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty would do well to get some of that early momentum swinging back in his direction if he hopes to keep the Liberals in power after the October election. Ever seen a hockey game or a football game where the announcer says that one team … Continue reading

Subtly remaking Canada in a conservative mould

Christmas came early for Harper this year. Like – real early. Two troubling stories surfaced over the past few days that have the potential to subtly remake Canada in a more socially conservative mould. And while this is not the stuff of hidden agendas, this has been one of my largest fears with a Conservative … Continue reading

Separating Conservatisms

If an Ensight Canada focus group reading is to be believed, Canadians have handed Stephen Harper an economic conservative majority, but not – and it’s amazing Canadians think it works like this – a socially conservative majority. According to the CBC, “despite giving Harper a clear majority mandate, the voters in the focus groups don’t … Continue reading

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