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Supreme Court decides not to hear case against Election night media blackout before May 2

I just read an interesting article in the Edmonton Journal: Paula Simons reminds us all of the rather ‘draconian’ law on the books from the 1930s that prevents election results from the East Coast to be published or broadcast before the polls close on the West Coast. While this was easy enough to do when … Continue reading

Canada and the social media election of 2011

What began with Layton’s now infamous #hashtagfail comment in the Leader’s Debate has spread throughout the ranks. Spurred on by the legions of pundits, journalists, politicians, politicos, and everyone else with a smart phone it would seem, Canada now faces a historic moment on May 2: our very first social media election. Gosh – we … Continue reading

‘I don’t accept the truth of those attacks’ #hashtagfail – Our National Leaders’ Debate

I have never understood why people are so obsessed with picking ‘winners’ for debates that are not being decided by professors in debating societies, but rather by the media and the Canadian people who tuned in. My news feed this morning was clogged with asinine headlines like “4 out of 10 debate viewers call Harper … Continue reading

How is Social Media changing the nature of Canadian politics?

An interesting video from the CBC Inside Politics news show with Peter Mansbridge features Allan Gregg of Harris Decima, Chantal Hebert of Toronto Star, and Andrew Coyne of Maclean’s. They speak about the election campaign, minority governments, and how coalition can mean cooperation in parliament. And in and among the rest of the important topics … Continue reading

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