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Long-term thinking needed in the fight for Ontario’s Green Energy future

While in Vancouver last week as part of a First Ministers meeting, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty made a direct link between subsidies paid out to the oil and gas industry in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan, and the need for greater subsidies from Ottawa for Ontario’s green energy sector. According to the Vancouver Sun, McGuinty claimed … Continue reading

Liberals target Tim Hudak over ‘eco-fee shell game’

The Liberals issued a press release yesterday afternoon attacking Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak over his – and his caucus’s – confusion regarding eco fees. It appears as if the Tories are uncertain as to who exactly will be made to pay for recycling these materials if they win the general election in October. From … Continue reading

Thespian Politicians: The Press Conference as Political Theatre

It is amazing the lengths that politicians will go to in order to give a rather mundane message a twist, a hook, a pull, some pizzazz, or often, a point. Sometimes they can do it all – and sometimes the assembled media are left scratching their heads while the political hangers-on clap wildly at the … Continue reading

Ontarians need to hear more from provincial Liberals and New Democrats

It’s early going to be sure, but Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty would do well to get some of that early momentum swinging back in his direction if he hopes to keep the Liberals in power after the October election. Ever seen a hockey game or a football game where the announcer says that one team … Continue reading

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