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Clement’s involvement in G8 Legacy Funding questioned by NDP

New allegations arose this past week over the depth of former Industry Minister Tony Clement’s involvement in selecting infrastructure projects in his Parry Sound-Muskoka riding that received G8 Legacy Funding. The NDP allege that Mr. Clement was more directly involved in selecting sites that received federal funding than he is letting on. The NDP obtained … Continue reading

Harper stands by MacKay amid calls for his resignation

Some things have become clear in the past week with regards to the helicopter flight Defence Minister Peter MacKay took in July 2010. MacKay was on a fishing vacation in Newfoundland outside of Gander and one morning he found out he was needed in Ontario by noon to assist with a government announcement. Rather than … Continue reading

RCMP finally investigates Muskoka’s G8 ‘Legacy Infrastructure’

Uh oh – time for Tony Clement to get all huffy and defiant again because dammit, we just wont go away with the questions about how $50M was distributed throughout Muskoka! Circle the wagons, ’cause the RCMP are coming, Tony! First off, it’s about damn time someone looked into this! Chances are when something looks … Continue reading

Duceppe Pushes for G8 Report Release Ahead of Election

The CBC is reporting that Gilles Duceppe is pushing Stephen Harper to do what he can to have the G8 Report released by Auditor General Sheila Fraser ahead of the May 2 election. The AG is prevented from releasing the report because Parliament is not in session, but with all five political party leaders asking … Continue reading

Auditor General confirms it: Canada got hosed by the G8/G20 summits

This is big – not like finding Jimmy Hoffa’s grave big, but pretty big for those of us in Toronto happy to have it confirmed by no more reputable a source than the Auditor General, Sheila Fraser, that in the lead up to the G8/G20 summits in Huntsville and Toronto, the Conservatives were rather…underhanded, shall … Continue reading

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