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Out on a Limb: In Defence of the (Political) Moral High Ground

This may be terribly naive of me (and I’m not ruling out that possibility, to be fair), but I am going to go out on a limb and make the following two statements: 1) the (political) moral high-ground is (often) worth defending; and 2) two wrongs do not make a right. I know, I know. … Continue reading

Uniting the Left: Part II – Drawbacks and Alternatives

Continuing from yesterday… Uniting the Left: Why We Should Avoid It The problem is, I will never believe that uniting very different left-leaning political parties in Canada would ever make more sense than seriously considering electoral reform. This would eliminate the need to vote strategically to keep someone out, rather than install someone you desire, … Continue reading

Uniting the Left: Part I – Making a Newer, Bigger Tent

I feel like this discussion comes up every Election cycle, and I have heard it bandied about on Twitter more than once in the past week. Here is a Toronto Star article on the topic from the 2008 Election. It seems appropriate in light of the recent surge in NDP support to at least spend … Continue reading

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