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Will the lack of a key election issue ensure continued voter apathy? NO!

An article from Global Regina I read this morning argues that the lack of a key election issue will ensure that the trend towards lower voter turnouts will continue in the 41st General Election held May 2. Without many key issues to draw people to the ballot box, poll after poll that shows only marginal … Continue reading

Conservatives attempt to nullify University of Guelph ‘Vote Mob’ student votes

Rick Mercer would be proud. His has become the rallying cry for students across the country to mobilize to vote either on or before May 2, and the University of Guelph has become the epicenter of that struggle. Late in the day on Wednesday, a slightly over-zealous member of the local Conservative candidates inner sanctum … Continue reading

Mercer’s Vote Mobs break out across Canada

Rick Mercer took a page from P. Diddy’s 2004 ‘Vote or Die’ campaign from the 2004 US Presidential election and challenged Canada’s 18-25 voters to take 20 minutes of their day on May 2 to vote. Why? Because, according to Mercer, the Conservatives don’t especially WANT youth to vote, as they do not expect many … Continue reading

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