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Algonquin Park: A Waste Diversion Success Story

The crown jewel of Ontario’s provincial park system is being recognized for hitting a crucial milestone not often associated with our parks system: removing garbage. With approximately one million visitors flocking to Ontario’s largest and most popular park destination, Algonquin Park in Central Ontario is earning praise from the province’s Environmental Commissioner for improving their … Continue reading

United Nations close to finalizing a ban on Western e-waste exports

At a recent United Nations environmental conference in Cartagena, Colombia, attended by over 170 represented countries, 50 nations have ratified an amendment to the 1989 Basel Convention which will restrict the export of electronic waste to the developing world. Only 17 nations needed to ratify the amendment in order to see it introduced, but the … Continue reading

AMO hopes to move waste discussion beyond eco fees

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) has released a special insert into newspapers across Ontario that stresses the importance of having a proper debate and discussion on the future of waste management in the province. They stress the importance of “safe disposal of our increasingly complex, and potentially toxic, garbage.” AMO argues that after … Continue reading

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