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TVO is taking election coverage to impressive new levels

TVOntario has decided it won’t take voter apathy lying down. Not when Steve Paikin can do something about it. That’s why Ontario’s own TVO has ramped up its coverage of the 2011 provincial election to be the most comprehensive the network has ever attempted. Alongside Paikin’s nightly news show The Agenda with Steve Paikin is … Continue reading

Dear Gilles: why am I sad you’re gone?

Dear Gilles, Between friends – can I ask you something? You’re not a vampire, right? Some friends of mine have been saying you feast upon the blood of the innocent under the cover of darkness, and frankly, if that was true, I would have a small problem or two with that. So I just want … Continue reading

‘I don’t accept the truth of those attacks’ #hashtagfail – Our National Leaders’ Debate

I have never understood why people are so obsessed with picking ‘winners’ for debates that are not being decided by professors in debating societies, but rather by the media and the Canadian people who tuned in. My news feed this morning was clogged with asinine headlines like “4 out of 10 debate viewers call Harper … Continue reading

Accommodating Habs a higher priority than the Green Party

If I hadn’t seen Andrew Coyne tweeting about this this morning, I would not have believed it. And then when you start to think about it, you realize that there is nothing more bush-league or pathetic about Canadian politics than this: our willingness to entertain the rescheduling of the Leader’s Debate to accommodate Habs fans … Continue reading

The Green Party platform may only have three points – but they’re big ones

I don’t think that the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto was quite ready for the media interest that the launch of the Green Party of Canada’s platform would generate. Its wooden, creaky floors were constantly groaning under the weight of people and camera tripods jockeying for position, causing camera-men and women constant stress during … Continue reading

GPC pledges support for public broadcasting

With the promise that a larger Green Party platform would be made available on April 11, GPC leader Elizabeth May threw us a bone yesterday and gave us a sneak peak of what her vision for Canada would look like. I was hoping that her speech at the CBC offices in Victoria, BC would have … Continue reading

May and the GPC head to court

UPDATE: They didn’t want it to come to this, but Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada are heading to the Federal Court of Appeal over their exclusion from the televised Leaders debate, according to the Vancouver Sun. Despite tens of thousands of petition signatures in support of her right to debate and pleas … Continue reading

Why May should at least be at the table

Who is the ‘television consortium’ responsible for Green Party Leader Elizabeth May’s dismissal from the debate, and what authority do they have to be playing politics in Canada? And while I would expect some party leaders to want May excluded (Harper, and likely Layton come to mind, but for obviously different reasons), there is a … Continue reading

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