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Land needs trump Pickering airport

Residents opposing the Pickering airport have come to expect the unexpected. In their 40-plus years of struggle against a development many feel prioritizes business interests over prime agricultural farmland, the story has unfolded in fits and starts. Long periods of inactivity on the part of the federal government are punctuated by seemingly random, unanticipated announcements, … Continue reading

Great Lakes offshore wind moratorium to remain ‘for some time’

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli confirmed early last week that anyone anxious for offshore wind development in Ontario’s portion of the Great Lakes to resume will have a long wait ahead of them. Indefinitely, it would seem. “All I can say at this point is that offshore is still in a moratorium and it’s likely to … Continue reading

TVO is taking election coverage to impressive new levels

TVOntario has decided it won’t take voter apathy lying down. Not when Steve Paikin can do something about it. That’s why Ontario’s own TVO has ramped up its coverage of the 2011 provincial election to be the most comprehensive the network has ever attempted. Alongside Paikin’s nightly news show The Agenda with Steve Paikin is … Continue reading

Long-term thinking needed in the fight for Ontario’s Green Energy future

While in Vancouver last week as part of a First Ministers meeting, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty made a direct link between subsidies paid out to the oil and gas industry in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan, and the need for greater subsidies from Ottawa for Ontario’s green energy sector. According to the Vancouver Sun, McGuinty claimed … Continue reading

Ontario and Equalization Payments: ‘have-not’ actually means ‘has-no-oil’

In the two years since Ontario officially joined the ranks of the ‘have-not’ provinces, the volume of equalization payments received has jumped 534%. That’s right – 534%. From the first payment of $347M to this years whopping $2.2B – Ontario is officially suffering through a massive downturn brought on by the loss of almost 300,000 … Continue reading

Thespian Politicians: The Press Conference as Political Theatre

It is amazing the lengths that politicians will go to in order to give a rather mundane message a twist, a hook, a pull, some pizzazz, or often, a point. Sometimes they can do it all – and sometimes the assembled media are left scratching their heads while the political hangers-on clap wildly at the … Continue reading

Ontarians need to hear more from provincial Liberals and New Democrats

It’s early going to be sure, but Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty would do well to get some of that early momentum swinging back in his direction if he hopes to keep the Liberals in power after the October election. Ever seen a hockey game or a football game where the announcer says that one team … Continue reading

Ontarians too diverse for province-wide wooing

I really wanted to disagree with this one. I mean I REALLY wanted to. I read Adam Radwanski’s Globe & Mail article “Impossible to please, Ontario ends up with nothing” and wanted to counter with Ontarians’ commonalities, how a recent immigrant working in Walmart in a Toronto suburb is just like a mill worker from … Continue reading

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