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Ontario votes to amble into the twenty-tens

For an election that was about as little as an election can possibly be about, last nights results brought more change to Ontario than many anticipated. And despite the set election dates we have in Ontario, Ontarians should not expect to wait until 2015 before casting their next provincial ballot. But they can be forgiven … Continue reading

Ontario Votes 2011: Getting back to the Meat and Potatoes of Governing

Well, here we are. The Ontario provincial election is two days away, and the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are locked in a dead heat, continuing to make election promises at the 11th hour; the House of Commons in Ottawa has been in session for weeks now with Stephen Harper’s Conservative majority firmly in power; and … Continue reading

TVO is taking election coverage to impressive new levels

TVOntario has decided it won’t take voter apathy lying down. Not when Steve Paikin can do something about it. That’s why Ontario’s own TVO has ramped up its coverage of the 2011 provincial election to be the most comprehensive the network has ever attempted. Alongside Paikin’s nightly news show The Agenda with Steve Paikin is … Continue reading

Horwath downplays coalition talk; asks Toronto Council to halt TTC cuts

Anyone hoping that a recent plea from provincial NDP leader Andrea Horwath to Toronto City Council to hold off on transit cuts will make a difference is kidding themselves. Or the have a lot more faith in Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s desire to listen to left-wing politicians than I do. According to Horwath as reported … Continue reading

Ontario Green vote projected to drop – but it doesn’t have to

Just about the only thing that all parties and observers can agree upon about the upcoming Ontario election is that the high vote percentage gained by the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) in 2007 will not be maintained in 2011. And it is expected to drop for a number of reasons, but not all of … Continue reading

Voter turnout by the numbers

The National Post took a look at how voter turnout played out across the country: who showed up last Monday to vote, and who stayed at home. The monumental task that will keep pollsters up to the wee hours of the morning for the next few months will be figuring out why those voters stayed … Continue reading

Will the lack of a key election issue ensure continued voter apathy? NO!

An article from Global Regina I read this morning argues that the lack of a key election issue will ensure that the trend towards lower voter turnouts will continue in the 41st General Election held May 2. Without many key issues to draw people to the ballot box, poll after poll that shows only marginal … Continue reading

Mercer’s Vote Mobs break out across Canada

Rick Mercer took a page from P. Diddy’s 2004 ‘Vote or Die’ campaign from the 2004 US Presidential election and challenged Canada’s 18-25 voters to take 20 minutes of their day on May 2 to vote. Why? Because, according to Mercer, the Conservatives don’t especially WANT youth to vote, as they do not expect many … Continue reading

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